Si të parandaloni tharjen dhe tkurrjen e muskujve!

Sarcopenia is an atrophic, degenerative age-related loss of muscle mass and strength that largely explains falls and limb fractures in older people. After the age of 25-30, the processes of regeneration and recovery in the body begin to slow down and from this age the muscle mass decreases in proportion of 0.5-1% for each year. This process is considered a natural sign of age-related fading. However, other factors can also cause serious injuries or illnesses: ∙ Sedentary lifestyle – faster tissue loss occurs in immobilized people after injury or serious illness; ∙ Nutritional imbalance – lack of protein food with high energy content leads to impaired digestion and absorption of nutritional components; ∙ Chronic diseases. Curing sarcopenia It is important to discover the main cause of the disease and to act against that cause; eliminate iron, vitamin and chromium deficiency. It is necessary to start with any physical activity. Any regular physical activity will bring significant improvements. It is necessary to include proteins in the food, but also to consume more food that produces sourness in the stomach, in order to better absorb the proteins. You will also need to reduce the consumption of sweets, porridge and carbohydrates, alcohol and carbonated drinks. "The goal that no one understands..." - sports media with harsh criticism of United That is, eliminate liquids, sweets and flour from food. Here's what can help you prevent sarcopenia: ∙ Vitamin D; ∙ Omega 3 saturated fatty acids, ∙ Amino acids, ∙ Green tea extract, ∙ Magnesium, ∙ Melatonin, ∙ Proteins. All food supplements must be taken with the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor.

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